Children: A Gift from God

Where do I begin? God has done so much in our lives we couldn't possibly contain it in 100 words!   After 15 yrs of marriage we couldn't have children, I had history of gynae problems. In my late 30's God spoke to me audibly & told me I was going to have a baby.... Continue Reading →


Experiencing Jesus

When I was ten years of age a couple came to my school and told us about Jesus. I can remember saying to myself, "Yes this is what I want." I didn’t come from a Christian home I just knew I wanted to follow Jesus. Through my life I thought of God. Then, when I... Continue Reading →

Dennis’s Car Insurance

This week, I had my insurance renewal come through for the car, it was roughly £500, which was too much for me. A friend of mine came round to help me and we went on a comparison site. I started filling in the form. I got as far as typing my name in, when my... Continue Reading →

Safe in an Earthquake

In 2010/11, I did my exchange year in Japan - during “the Big Earth Quake”. In the subsequent nuclear power plant disaster, the town I was staying in was out of the “danger zone” by only 20km. It was protected by a mountain range, which prevented the heavy-metal radioactive particles from getting too close to us.... Continue Reading →

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

At All Nations Church, we have been captured by the power of stories. They are a means of communication common to all humans; to tell a story is as natural as breathing. They have this ability to keep truth alive over the course of centuries, to inspire a generation, to cause us to change at... Continue Reading →

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